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We are a Mobile restaurant serving authentic Korean food from our brick and mortar restaurant,
Chong's Korean Restaurant. Our traditional menu is not Americanized; Chong uses the same
recipes that have been used for generations in her family. Our fusion dishes incorporate those
flavors, unchanged.

Started in 2013, our mobile restaurant was the first step in a long-range vision to bring Chong's
most popular items to all areas of the city of San Antonio and beyond. All of our main items are
prepped in Chong's kitchen. It is the same food you will be served in our brick and mortar.


  • We were selected by the U.S. Army to cater competitors and crew for the Rising Star
    Competition (Military Star Search) the past two years.
  • Favored by those who have been to Korea and love Korean food
  • Active Duty military, retired military, DOD civilians, contractors, students, etc.
About Us
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